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We Are The Neighbourhood Network

Get connected!
This is a new, independent network created to enable residents to connect with others locally and make their neighbourhood an all round better and safer place to live. Currently, anyone in the London Borough Of Bexley can join as long as their street has an active Neighbourhood Watch in place. We plan to expand to other London Boroughs in due course.

Bexley Borough Neighbourhood Watch utilises our platform to enable you to:

  • Keep up to date with crime and anti-social behaviour incidents in your vicinity via Neighbourhood Watch and their link with local police SNT teams
  • Easily report incidents so as to advise or warn your neighbours.
  • know about local events and initiatives you can be involved in to make a difference to your street.
  • Keep up to date with good news going on around you and share good news.
The Neighbourhood Network operates in the interest of greater unity within the community. It aims to be free from political, sectarian and institutional bias and seeking neither to be divisive nor controversial, it does not support or oppose any cause. The appearance of an advertisement in this platform does not mean that we endorse the advertiser's goods or services. While we will not knowingly run an advert that is untrue, The Neighbourhood Network is not responsible for the accuracy of any advertising material or the usefulness of an advertised product or service.